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Bad Posture

Woman with sore backDo you have spinal pain? Are you afraid that you’re slouching too much? If so, you may need help optimising your posture. At Sydney Allied Health Clinic, we help our patients understand the best ways to sit and strengthen weakened areas that are necessary for bad posture.

If you have postural concerns, you are welcome to book in for an initial consultation with our chiropractor.

Bad Posture Comes in Many Forms

When you think of bad posture, you probably picture yourself hunched over your computer. Forward head posture is certainly a common form of improper posture. There’s also hunching of the mid-back or too much of a curve in the lower spine. A further condition is referred to as a military spine, which is when the spine goes straight up and down with none of the curves it should have.

When the spine doesn’t have its natural curvature, it will create postural stress. You may feel it in the form of various aches and pains along the spine.

The Symptoms That Indicate You May Need Help

If you think you may have a postural problem but are unsure, there are certain signs you can look for:

  • Tingling in the hand
  • Pain in the middle or low back, often referring down the legs
  • Pain in the neck that refers down the arms
  • Frequent headaches
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Constipation and gastrointestinal pain
  • Sleep problems or insomnia

If your pain is related to your spine, it’s worth having it checked out by someone with a deep expertise in posture.

Bad posture is caused by habits and patterns. It can start as early as childhood when you begin to carry heavy rucksacks or use a computer regularly. When the mid-back hunches over, the head will follow.

You must also think of how you sit on a chair, such as sitting on one of your legs or too far forward on the edge of your seat. When you’re on the couch, make sure you’re upright and not folded over yourself.

Consider, too, how you’re sleeping. If you’re sleeping in the wrong position, it can result in a range of problems. It’s particularly important because you may not be conscious of the way you’re sleeping, making it harder to recognise when you have an issue with the way you’re sleeping.

The most important part of what we do is to make sure we identify exactly where your problem is coming from. No matter if it’s nerves, muscles, discs or ligaments, we can prescribe a tailored treatment for you. The nerves will be decompressed, the muscles stabilised and stretched, discs decompressed and muscles worked on. Our many solutions include chiropractic, massage, dry needling and exercises/stretching.

Posture correction isn’t an over-night fix. In fact, it will most likely take months to correct your posture. Once your body is moving and functioning as it should, you may be amazed at how incredible you feel.

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