Linh Quach

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Linh Quach

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner / Acupuncturist

Linh is of Vietnamese/Chinese cultural background. She has a love for Chinese Medicine as well as personal development. She is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and holds a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters in Chinese Medicine.

Linh is fluent in both English and Vietnamese in written and verbal communications. She has a love for personal development; both her own and others. In fact, Linh is a coach of participants in a leading personal development training organisation. She also spends time with her family and her friends.

Her development in Acupuncture was assisted by the mentoring by Hoc Ku Huynh, a leading Acupuncturist in Australia. She has also travelled to China to gain first-hand experience in the NanJing Hospital during 2016. Her clinical work focus will assist patients who are suffering pain, gynaecological issues and mental health.