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Dry Needling

Patient receiving dry needling therapyHave you ever struggled with a knot of muscle that just won’t seem to loosen? It’s a common problem that seems tough to get rid of. At Sydney Allied Health Clinic, our team offers a range of solutions for even the most challenging health issues.

Dry needling involves the insertion of an acupuncture needle. It’s applied to a trigger point or a hyper-irritable area of muscle that’s commonly called a knot. When addressed, this point will alleviate tension and allow for the muscle to expand and contract fluidly.

Your Care Is Always Your Choice

You might be afraid that dry needling involves pain. Know that the sensation is like a pinprick. The needles used are thin, not at all like what you might encounter getting an injection at the medical doctor.

It’s important to note, however, that you always get to direct your care with us. If you decide you aren’t interested in dry needling or have a phobia of needles you simply cannot overcome, it will not be required that you do it.

Dry needling penetrates deeply into the muscles, much farther than other modalities can go. The muscle group can be penetrated from half a centimetre up to three centimetres. Because of this depth, you won’t require as much force to address your problems as you would with another form of therapy, such as massage.

We know that your days can be busy. Between your work life and your family, fitting in an appointment can seem nearly impossible. That’s why we’re open on the weekends, including Saturday and Sunday. Plus, we have evening hours during the week that make it simple for you to get your visit in.

Does dry needling hurt?

The disposable needles we use are very fine (as thin as hair) and of high quality. The initial sensation of insertion is similar to a mosquito bite. Once the needle is applied some local tingling or gentle pulsing may be felt particularly for very tight areas.
What are the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling may assist to:

  • Release Myofascial Trigger Points – Dry needling aims to release myofascial trigger points, therefore relieving pain and improving a person’s ability to move and use the affected area.
  • Decrease pain or discomfort – As dry needling is a localised treatment able to target the area of pain, it may lead to a reduction in discomfort.
  • Improve Range of Motion – when trigger points are released with dry needling the area has less tension and compression, therefore, range of motion may improve.
  • Decreased recovery time – Dry needling allows for increased range of motion and decreased pain meaning you can get back to the activity you love faster.

What can dry needling help with?

Dry Needling can be used to help with a wide range of conditions such as:

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